Meet Flo

For 20 years, Flo’s has been a staple of the Valley’s restaurant scene, a go-to for quick lunches, casual date nights and family gatherings. Flo’s cuisine is packed with vibrant flavor which draws from culinary traditions across Asia.

Florence “Flo” Chan — owner
A seasoned restaurateur, Flo Chan has brought unique flavors and memorable dining to patrons for more than 20 years. Her dedication to her restaurants is reflected in the food, atmosphere and commitment to quality service.

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Danny Lee—executive chef
A partner of Flo’s for more than 20 years, Chef Lee embodies the restaurant's approach to food. Born on China/Vietnam border, Chef Lee lays claim to neither as a homeland, instead borrowing culinary traditions from both. He can be found travelling between Flo’s three locations daily, ensuring quality and excellence.

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