Meet Flo

Flo’s has been a neighborhood favorite for quick lunches, casual date nights and large family gatherings since 1997. This is truly because of our supportive customers and outstanding staff.

Florence “Flo” Chan—owner
Flo’s passion and commitment to her restaurants has made her a local favorite. She is as much a fan of the menu as her most dedicated customers. That’s why most days she’s seen on the premises with a warm smile on her face and a cool lettuce cup in her belly. Next time you see her, feel free to say “Hello Flo!”

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Flo’s promise: I am committed to providing you a complete and fulfilling experience. If you are ever unsatisfied by your experience at Flo’s, just say so and your next meal is on me.

Danny Lee—head chef
Chef Danny has partnered with Flo for more than 20 years. You can find him in the kitchen every day preparing food for Flo’s customers.

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